Smart Retail Apps

Customer onboarding on Digital  Store, leading the  Customer In-storeDigital Experiences. Traditional energy retailers need to adapt to the digital age—fast. Nimble digital challengers are chipping away at their core business. Unencumbered by large sales forces and expensive call centers, the challengers can keep costs low by communicating with customers primarily online, enabling them to compete on price while offering simpler, more transparent products.

    Industry 4.0 Apps

Industry 4.0 Digital Board  Room within nutshell of  Asset control & Production management. Industry 4.0 is about connectivity, it’s an opportunity to radically change the way industry responds to the needs of society. As previous industrial revolutions were led by innovations in manufacturing processes and systems, the advancements of industry 4.0 will be driven by a smart, interconnected, pervasive environment. The opportunities for disruption are huge and those left behind will feel it acutely. There is still space for leaders of this new revolution to emerge but the race has already started, and understanding what current leaders are doing will help you to join them.