The DOT approach towards the IoT is extremely businesslike. Within a month we move from concept to practice, demonstrating that the trend can come out of the hype that is surrounding it and find timely application in the broadest types of businesses:

“The steps that lead towards the implementation of the IoT can be complex – continues Gianluca Ciminata – there is a high requirement of resources, capacity and the establishment of a relationship of trust with the business partner. Between users, models and products are required a constant flow, which marks the evidence and makes the goals transparent.” In this way, DOT aims to simplify the monetization of the Internet of Things, helping to better integrate the strategies, too often uneven and not aligned in those reports that should instead be able to communicate on the same wavelength.

DOT, with this kind of approach, has been able to realize solutions called “Business Accelerators” which speed up the entry of customers into the IoT world, such as the Smart Retail Apps, to have a new Customer Engagement model that makes customers feel pampered in the physical store and the Digital Board i4.0 Apps.